Biochemical Engineering

This is a joint program with the Faculty of Biology

Career Options and Job Opportunities

Prof. Hossam Hiyak in a laboratory demonstration

An increasing number of products that are based on Biotechnological know-how. Biochemical Engineers play a central role in the growing biotechnological industry. The integration of Chemical Engineers into the biochemical industry requires education in the fields of Biochemistry, molecular and cell-Biology during the BSc program.

Study Program

The purpose of this program is to educate graduates that will lead the biochemical industry as Laboratory experiment well as enable them to go on to graduate study programs both in life sciences and in Chemical Engineering. However, it is important to note that Biochemical Engineers that emerge from this program are Process Engineers as well, so they can also find employment anywhere that Chemical Engineers can.  The prerequisite courses in this program include core Technion courses and two core course programs in Chemical Engineering and in Biology. The elective courses allow specialization in specific areas in Biology and Chemical Engineering.


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