Education in Technology and Science

Career Options and Job Opportunities

The faculty of Education in Science and Technology educates students for careers as teachers in the following scientific and technological disciplines: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Environmental Sciences, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. High schools, technical colleges, teachers' colleges and training programs for the high-tech industry are all potential employers. The development of the profession of science and technology education has become an industry in itself, requiring a combination of knowledge and skills both in the area of science/engineering and pedagogy. Moreover, graduates may continue to study for a Master's and a Doctoral degree in the faculty.

Undergraduate Study Program

As with all other Technion students, students in our faculty study the core subjects of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English.
Subsequently, students study programs in accordance with their specialization choice.
In the undergraduate studies, students choose one of the following seven fields: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Biology-Environmental Sciences, Computer Science, Technology-Mechanics or Technology-Electricity.
Depending on their selection, students take the appropriate associated science and technology courses.
In parallel, students are required to complete courses in education, including psychology, teaching skills and methods for teaching and evaluation in their selected discipline. Practical work in schools is also combined with theoretical studies. The B.Sc. degree includes a teaching diploma.

Additional B.Sc. Degree

Students from other Technion tracks can study also toward an additional B.Sc. in the above mentioned subjects for usually only 36 points (depending on their academic background). This degree includes subjects required for a teaching diploma.

Study scholarships are offered to Technion undergraduates and graduates for learning an addition B.Sc. degree in Education in Science and Technology.

Holders of a B.Sc. in Science and/or Engineering from other universities can also study towards a teaching diploma (through the Division of Continuing Education and External Studies of the Technion) or an additional B.Sc. degree, but are not eligible for the Technion scholarship.
All graduates obtain an academic diploma which includes a teaching diploma, entitling them to teach in Israel's junior and senior high schools

Graduate Degrees

In the framework of its graduate studies (M.Ed. (no thesis), M.Sc. and Ph.D.) program, the faculty of Education in Science and Technology offers the following specializations with emphasis on science content or related aspects in: mathematics education, physics education, biology education (with or without environmental sciences education), chemistry education, computer science education, mechanical engineering education, electrical engineering education, as well as interdisciplinary topics such as learning sciences, educational neuroscience, learning organizations, outdoor learning environments, gifted and excellent pupils, evaluation of educational programs and educational projects, and advanced technologies in education. The advisor tailors a detailed educational program for each student, in accordance with the student's interests, background and chosen specialty.

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