Information System Engineering

In an age of digital automation, computerized information about business and organizational הפקולטה לתעייה וניהולprocesses offers a key engine for efficiency and growth. Information systems engineering is a profession that involves planning, building, and implementing information systems, with an emphasis on: innovations in software technology; the adaptation of information systems to contemporary demands, as well as to more long-term organizational needs; information analysis involving complex systems; and quantitative operations research.

The profession requires knowledge of information technology, statistics, computational learning, business and organizational processes, operations research, and user psychology. In addition to core courses in these subjects, the Technion’s information systems engineering program offers advanced courses in areas, such as: distributed information systems; information security and privacy protection; game theory and decision-making; artificial intelligence and computational learning; operations research; and statistics.

The training provided in the program combines computer technologies with the principles of business processes, and thus enables graduates to lead complex information systems projects that offer organizations an optimal base from which to achieve their business goals.

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