Materials Engineering and Biology

It is the expected increase in demand for engineers and scientists in the interdisciplinary fields connecting materials with biology (artificial implants, drug delivery systems, tissue engineering and tissue regeneration, bone repair, etc.), that has led the faculty of Materials Science and Engineering to initiate a joint program with the faculty of Biology.

A Materials/Biology student is expected to earn a BSc in Materials Engineering and Biology after completing 4.5 years (9 semesters) of studies. The course curriculum operates on an annual basis.  The program requires 189 credit points (CP) for graduation, 157 CP from obligatory core courses, 22 CP from faculty elective courses, as well as 10 CP from open elective courses. The obligatory core course points are approximately 25% Materials, 23% Biology, 10% Mathematics, and 3% Physics. In addition, specialized courses for the joint program have been defined by the two faculties. Faculty members specializing in Materials Science and Engineering for Life-Science applications have been hired to help stimulate the evolution of this pioneering direction in Engineering-Life Science education.

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