Study Programs
Physics-Four Year Program
Physics-Three Year Program

The physics study program aims to give students a wide and deep view of physical theories,
and to develop physical and abstract thinking. Our main study track is the three-year physics track. The first two years are devoted to the core physics and mathematics requirements, which include courses in mechanics, electricity and magnetism, quantum mechanics, and statistical mechanics. In the third year the students take mostly elective courses in subjects such as solid state physics, particle physics, astrophysics, and others. Throughout their studies the studentsסטודנט מבצע ניסוי במעבדת מחקר בפקולטה לפיזיקה also participate in laboratory courses, where they investigate physical phenomena and learn advanced and precision techniques and modern measurement methods.

We also offer a four-year track with a specialization in applied optics. This track is intended for students interested in applied optics and opto-electronics, and who plan to work in the advanced optics industry and in research and development in optics. In this track the students also take several engineering courses.

The Physics Honors Program

מעבדת מחקר בפקולטה לפיזיקה

In addition to our normal program we offer a special track for outstanding students, the Physics Honors Program. About five students will be admitted to this program every year. These students will be accompanied by a faculty advisor, and will participate in research activity early on. They will also enjoy a unique enrichment program. Graduates of the honors program will be automatically admitted to our Master's program, and will also be able to opt for the direct PhD track after completing their BSc.

Research Areas

The Physics faculty and graduate students conduct research in a wide variety of fields in Physics: Quantum Optics and Lasers | Optoelectronics | Atomic and Molecular Physics | Elementary Particle Physics | Astrophysics | Low Temperature Physics and Superconductivity | Mesoscopic Systems | Solid State and Statistical Physics | Biophysics | Computational Physics | Mathematical Physics.

Joint Study Programs

Physics-Math - This is a joint three-year program in the Physics and Math faculties, awarding the degree of BSc in Physics and Mathematics.

Physics And Electrical Engineering - This is a joint four-year program in the Physics and Electrical & Computer Engineering faculties, awarding the degree of BSc in Electrical Engineering and Physics.

Physics And Computer Science - This is a joint four-year program in the Physics and Computer Science faculties, awarding the degree of BSc in Computer Science and Physics.

Physics And Materials Engineering - This is a joint four and a half-year program in the Physics and Materials Engineering faculties, awarding the degree of BSc in Materials Engineering and Physics.

Physics And Biomedical Engineering - This is a joint four-year program in the Physics and Biomedical Engineering faculties, awarding the degree of BSc in Biomedical Engineering and Physics.

Physics and Aerospace Engineering - This is a joint four-year program for Aerospace Engineering and Physics faculties.

Graduates’ Experience 

My name is Iftah Galon, In 2014, I graduate with a PhD in physics from the Technion.
My PhD supervisor was Prof. Yael Shadmi.

דוקטורנט במעבדת מחקר בפקולטה לפיזיקה

My entire physics training, undergraduate, MsC and PhD was done in the Technion. These days, I am a postdoctoral research associate in the faculty of Physics and Astronomy at the University of California at Irvine. Looking back, the tools I have acquired throughout my undergraduate studies constitute the strong foundations of my research career today. I can safely say that the concepts I was exposed to during the course of my studies have given me a very broad view of the field which enabled me to choose my research path today. Throughout my Technion education I have always felt surrounded by fellow students that were highly motivated and interested in a deeper understanding of Nature. I encountered a similar approach from the professors and their teacher assistants who were always attentive and willing to answer questions. The curriculum allowed me to progress into my fields of interest. For example, in my last year I was able to participate in advance graduate classes that were the basis for my graduate research.

I did my research theses under the supervision of Prof. Yael Shadmi, in the field of theoretic particle physics. I was fascinated by this field since I had done a research project with Prof. Shadmi during my undergraduate degree. My research was theoretic, and required understanding in Quantum Field Theory (QFT), a combination of special relativity and quantum mechanics. My research mostly dealt with the prospects of discovering new physics in experiments, such as the ones currently held in Geneva at the Large Hadron Collider.

It is important to mention that this field has a big scientific community. This enabled me to participate in several international schools and workshops, and sprung several international collaborations.

To conclude, I think this is a fascinating and challenging field, one which I intend to further pursue.

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