A Previous Academic Background

  • The Technion accepts transfer students only from the sciences (exact or natural) and engineering.
  • Those who have studied a year or more at any university should provide a notarized photocopy of their grades, in either Hebrew or English. In addition, you are required to submit detailed syllabi of all courses taken, indicating the number of semester hours for each course. A university catalog containing the information will suffice.
  • Applicants in this category will be considered on the basis of their grade transcript and the Israeli psychometric score, or the SAT or the ACT. Applicants who have completed an academic degree must present their degree or proof of eligibility for the degree.
  • Those, whose studies at the Technion were terminated due to poor academic performance, are entitled to apply to the Technion no earlier than two years after their studies were terminated. Applicants in this category will have to present, when registering, all documents pertaining to the termination of their studies.

Grade transcripts, which do not include an up-to-date cumulative grade average, will not be considered.

Candidates can forward us a transcript of their academic record, so that we can cheek if the academic record is recognized by the technion, before registering to the technion.

Credits may be given after the acceptance to the Technion.

Submission of Documents Attesting to Academic Background

Applicants with a previous academic background must submit all the application documents required of all new applicants: an official grade transcript, signed by the issuing institution, specifying courses taken during previous studies and the grades obtained.