Placement Tests

Placement Tests in Physics and Chemistry

Once admitted, students may be required to take placement tests in Physics and Chemistry. Those admitted to Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Medicine are exempt from these examinations.

It is highly recommended to study in the Pre-University Education Center. The center offers courses for those who need to prepare for the placement tests and for the studies at the Technion. A year-long program offers intensive basic knowledge courses in Hebrew, Mathematics, Physics and English. A special program caters to new immigrants and newcomers to Israel.

Those who think that they have all the knowledge that is needed for the placement tests can register only to them in Under Graduate website (Hebrew)

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Physics Placement Test

The Physics placement test is required for all students at the Technion. The test is a prerequisite for all Physics courses in the first year. The Physics test has two parts: mechanics and electricity. Each part is about two and a half hours. You may choose to do both on the same day or test on separate dates.

Students with prior studies in Physics at high school or college level may submit diplomas and syllabus to us for consideration.

Chemistry Placement Test

The Chemistry placement test is required for students in the following programs: Education in Biology and Environmental Studies l Materials Engineering and Biology l Chemical Engineering l Biotechnology and Food Engineering l Biology l Environmental Engineering l Biochemistry Engineering.

The Chemistry placement test is required for all students at the Technion in the programs above. The test is a prerequisite for Chemistry courses in the first year.

Please note that all the preparatory courses and placement tests are in Hebrew.

Exemptions from Placements Tests

פטורים מבחינות הסיווג לבעלי בגרות זרה
Exemptions from placement tests
Type of TestPhysics Placement TestChemistry Placement Test
Exemption from Two Parts Exemption from One Part
APPhysics C- 3 partsExemption from Mechanics: Physics C Mechanics
Electricity Exemption: Physics C Electricity and Magnetism
4 or higher
Old & New Format
10 or higher15 or higher

70 or higher70 or higher

High level- B or higher
B or higher

5 or higher5 or higher
Australian Matriculation A or higherA or higher
5 or higher5 or higher