The Rothschild Scholars Program

The Technion Program for Excellence is customized for maximizing curiosity, creativity and deepening disciplines.

The Excellence program is intended for students who are able and interested in studying differently, according to a unique curriculum, which allows in-depth study and expansion in a variety of fields of knowledge.

 Program Information

  • Flexible academic curriculum for a bachelor's degree in all study trucks at the Technion.
  • Possibility to study for another degree at the same time.
  • Integration in courses and research for postgraduate degrees in parallel with undergraduate studies.
  • Participation in advanced courses without having to meet their prerequisites.
  • A combination of scientific and engineering research.
  • Personal accompaniment by a faculty member for a unique, flexible and personal adjustment of the curriculum.
  • Enrichment and exposure to areas of knowledge in addition to the academic program.


  • In the first school year, the program of excellence serves as the mother unit for students, since, the program encourages those who are accepted to be exposed to the variety of options offered at the Technion, and only then to choose a defined course of study.
  • At the end of the first year, a curriculum will be adjusted for the students as part of a track (one or more) for flexible and personal adjustment of the program and duration.
  • Students will be part of the program until the completion of their undergraduate degree, and will participate in all of its activities.
  • They must meet the required academic level, accompanied by a faculty member and a personal approach to each of them.

Economic Benefits

  • Full tuition exemption.
  • Eligibility for free dormitories on campus.
  • Monthly subsistence scholarship (as long as there is no additional income).
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