Technion Excellence Program

Technion Excellence Program candidates must be capable of and have a keen interest in learning “differently”. The personalized and unique study program, offered to each student, enables them to deepen and broaden their competence in a range of knowledge areas.

The Program offers students professional tools and broad opportunities to advance and develop their personal potential, by encouraging creativity, originality and curiosity through independent study and teamwork.

The program is overseen by a senior faculty member. Every student has a personalized and unique study program. Students in the Program get to participate in graduate research while they are still undergraduates. Candidates are selected based on, among other criteria, previous academic achievements, originality, intellectual inquisitiveness and strong interest in science.

In order to allow program’s students to devote most of the time to their studies, the tuition and dorm fees are waived; students also receive a laptop and a monthly financial support scholarship.

Scholarship fees for outstanding students

As part of the Technion's activities to encourage excellence, the Technion provides scholarship fees for outstanding students to those admitted to undergraduate studies at the Technion, who have high acceptance grades.

A letter of winning the scholarship will be send to the recipients with the letter of acceptance. On the first day of the semester, certificates will be handed out indicating the scholarship. The scholarships will be transferred to the bank account after the first semester.

The amount of the scholarship

The scholarship is at full tuition fee for the first year only.

Demands for getting the scholarship